Immunization Center
Infection Prevention and Control Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization. The foundation is striving for a paradigm shift in the health care system of developing countries by focusing on preventive health. IPAC Foundation aims to play the role of a leader of preventive health in the third world countries. With the Collaboration of IPAC Foundation IPAC Infectious Diseases Centre shall be operated in CCHC.

Telehealth Center

Telehealth Centre Services will be provided with the collaboration of IPAC foundation. The aim of Telehealth Centre will be to support a delivery of broad range of health services to patients in rural and remote areas to reduce specialist travel by combining telehealth technology. Free consultations shall be provided against COVID-19, Hepatitis B and C, HIV&AIDS, TB, Dengue, Malaria, Rabies, Tetanus, Fungal and Parasitic Infections, Gastroenterology (Chronic Liver Disease), Kidney (Hypertension, AKI, CKD, Glomerulopathies), Psychiatry (Major Depression, Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders) Also services like E-lab and E-prescriptions will be delivered. Estimation of visits per day is 100 patients.

Screening Lab

Screening tests are an important part of our preventive health care. For people between the ages of 30 and 49, these tests are used for early detection of some of the more common and potentially deadly diseases—such as cancers, diabetes, and heart disease—that begin to affect people in their middle years. These tests can help catch certain illnesses and conditions in their earliest and most curable stages, even before you notice symptoms.

With information from screening tests, our healthcare provider can work with us to develop preventive measures that will improve our health and can even extend our healthy years. For example, a routine cholesterol test could reveal your risk for developing heart disease, allowing you to take preventive steps—like lifestyle changes—before you develop a serious condition. We are offering free lab tests for 1 Hepatitis B & C ELISA(per day 20 tests), HIV ELISA(per day 2 tests), TB Mantoux Test(per day 5 tests), Malaria ICT(per day 2 tests), Dengue ICT(per day 1 test), CBC(per day 10 tests), RFTs(per day 5 tests), LFTs(per day 5 tests) and Serum Glucose(per day 10 tests).

Immunization Center

Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective health interventions available, saving millions of people from illness, disability and death each year. Effective and safe vaccines, which protect against a number of serious diseases, are available and many promising new vaccines are being developed. Our Immunization Centre shall be providing free vaccines for pediatric which are T.B, Polio, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Meningitis, Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Measles, Tetanus and Typhoid as well as for adults which are Hepatitis B, Influenza Vaccine, Rabies and COVID-19 vaccine. Estimated Vaccination visits per day are 30. Lab technologist and Vaccinator will be available to provide these services.