Diagnostic Lab

Chiraghdin Community Health Centre is equipped with an advanced and up-to-date diagnostic lab with emerging technologies in the field of diagnostics. Multiple sections of diagnostics like Hematology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Immunology, and Serology are available under one roof and are supervised by qualified doctors. 

Several free lab tests can be done in the lab, including: 

HbsAg, HBV PCR, Anti-HSV (RDT), HCV PCR, Anti-HIV 1&2 (RDT), CBC, BS Fasting, LFTs, Bilirubin Profile, RFTs, Typhoid Stool Culture, TC Sputum Microscopy, UA, HIV PCR. 

X-Rays room is one of the vital components of the facility. Advanced machinery has been installed for optimum quality results.  

The x-rays service is also free of cost for the patients.