History of Haveli

Chiraghdin Haveli is located in district Sialkot of Province Punjab. The famous poet of Subcontinent, Muhammad Allama Iqbal was also also born in this city. Chiraghdin Haveli is very influential due to its history of hundred years. Two famous historical places are located nearby this haveli. Ancestral house of the great poet Muhammad Illama Iqbal is located in north and is still open for visitors. Second famous place is Mazaar-e-Imam Sahib where people come for fateha khawani and Sasta Bazaar is organized here every Thursday.


As the Chiraghdin Haveli is more than hundred years old, it was constructed before Pakistan came into being by labor from Mumbai as they were the leading constructors at that time. The land of the Chiraghdin Haveli is very fertile. Water is present 60 feet below the land area of the Chiraghdin Haveli.

Front view of Chiraghdin Haveli
Atrium of Chiraghdin Haveli

More than hundred years old The Chiraghdin Haveli itself is an example of excellence in its construction and was constructed with stones, clay and wood. In that old era, mixture of different grains and clay was used to build the buildings. Roofs were built with excellent wood.

The Chiraghdin Haveli was contructed by Mr. Chiraghdin and is still known by his name. He was father of three sons named Mehtabdin, Ghulabdin, Nawabdin and three daughters named Mehtab Bibi, Nawab Bibi and Talia Bibi. With the passage of time, the children got married and many relatives came from out of countries like Libya, Egypt and Behrain to stay in the haveli. Mainly the family of Mehtabdin stayed here in the haveli. About 60 to 65 years, people remain bistable here and then after 1993 nobody stayed there.

Many of the family members proliferate in the Chiraghdin Haveli. The new addition of members in family was celebrated with full zeal and zest. Meals and sweets were specially prepared with desi ghee for distribution in the family as well as for the poor. Relatives were invited for feast. The son of Mehtabdin named Rauf, daughter Samsa, grandson Samsher Shafi and son of Nawabdin named Saeed got birth in the Chiraghdin Haveli.

Marriages of many family members were organized in the haveli too. Names of some couples who got married in the haveli are Saira with Abdul Rasheed, Sabra with Naseem Mehtabdin, Shafi with Suriya, Khalida with Imtiaz, Faiza with Attiq Ahmad, Munawar with Shaukat Mehtabdin, Asifa with Asif Mehtabdin, Shehnaz with Shameem Abdul Rasheed, Lubna with Sami Abdul Rasheed, Chand with Naseer. All the marriage ceremonies were arranged with simplicity. Rasam-e-Hina was organized with the participation of closed relatives only. All relatives were invited in the Barat Ceremony and was served with good food.

Life and death are a seamless continuum. With so many good memories cherished in the Chiraghdin Haveli, there is one bitter reality of death ceremony of wife of Mr. Shafi named Appa Sadaqat (Banu Bibi) happened there. She got died in September 1992 and was buried in graveyard Imam Sahib. In those days, there was a custom that stove was not lighten up in the house where any death occurred. This custom was fulfilled and all the meal was served by the neighbors and closed blood relatives.

Atrium of Chiraghdin Haveli