Help Us Serve the Community of Sialkot

Chiraghdin Community Health Center aims to transform the quality of medical services in Sialkot to care for the unique needs of the community. This center includes four major projects, a medical clinic, a dental clinic, an IPAC Infectious Diseases Center as well as the Shafi Community Hall. Donate now to help us serve and build a better future for the community of Sialkot.


Medical Clinic

CCHC Medical Clinic will provide outstanding outpatient services including routine medical and preventive care.




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Dental Clinic

CCHC Dental Clinic will provide the best dental care services free of cost. This includes consultations as well as procedures.

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IPAC Infectious Diseases Center

IPAC Infectious Diseases Center focuses on reducing the burden of infectious diseases from Sialkot. The center consists of a telehealth center, screeing lab, and an immunization center.

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Shafi Community Hall

Shafi Community Hall will be a hub for community awareness and education for the people of Sialkot.

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